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    Sericite Mica - Magnesium Myristate Treated

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    Off-white in color, this is our most popular sericite. Magnesium Myristate Treated Sericite Mica has very good adhesion as well as some water and oil-resistant properties. This sericite absorbs minimal oils and will help keep your colors true throughout the day.
    INCI: Mica (and) Magnesium Myristate

    Usage rate: Up to 100% in powdered products.

    Whiteness or opacity: To make a colour lighter, to cover up imperfections.
    It won't make your colours lighter and it's a medium coverage product, so it will cover up some imperfections in your skin.

    Translucency: The base itself is almost invisible once applied.
    A translucent product that is virtually invisible when you apply it. Not as translucent as untreated sericite mica.

    Skin protection
    Magnesium myristate is going to offer some emolliency for people with dry skin, but it isn't a protectant as such.

    Slip: The product feels nice going on and staying on.
    Offers great slip and glide with a silky feeling upon application and on your skin.

    Adhesion: The product remains on your skin.
    Great adhesion.

    Absorbency: Your colour will remain true throughout the day and not morph into something due to environmental stresses or skin oils.
    Good absorbency and good colour retention - better than untreated sericite mica, but not as great as dimethicone treated sericite mica.

    Light scattering properties: To give your skin a dewy glow.
    Good light scattering properties with some shin.

    Серицит  который был обработан  магнием миристат предлагает больше адгезией. Он также устойчив к кожному жиру и поту нашей кожи, сохраняя вашу косметику дольше свежей и цвет-стабильным.

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