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    Silica Powder Spheres

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    Микросферы доксида кремния  является очень гладкой, шелковистой; полупрозрачный тонкий белый порошок, используемый в косметике для контроля излишка кожного жира. Он улучшает скольжение в косметических смесях и уменьшает поры, морщинки.

    Our Silica powder is a very smooth, silky, translucent fine white powder used in cosmetics. It is highly absorbent and used for oil control. It improves slip in cosmetic blends and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Silicones are a widely used group of oils and compounds, derived from the mineral silica. Silicones are water repellant and very stable. There is no known toxicity when used externally.

    Tests show it has been successfully used in hypoallergenic/hypoallerfenic and allergy tested formulations.

    This can be used for slip in small amounts , oil control formulations of mineral makeup. Use in smaller amounts in dry skin formulations.

    Those who would like to use this as a setting powder ingredient before or after applying makeup I like to ad adhesive powders to mine, it makes it even better

    Please combine silica with other ingredients such as the below for added adhesion:
    Boron Nitride
    Magnesium Stearate
    Magnesium Myristate

    Test Name Specification Test Methods
    Appearance Spherical Shaped White Powder Visual
    Odor None Organoleptic
    Loss on Drying, % Min : 0 - Max : 7 1hrs. @ 105°C
    Microbiology Less Than 100 Organisms Per Gram With Current USP Microbial Limit Test
    No Pathogens
    Loss on Ignition, % Min : 0 - Max : 18 3hrs. @ 500°C
    Average Particle Size, µm Min : 10 - Max : 14 Coulter Counter Model TA-II
    Particle Size Range, µm Min : 2 - Max : 20 Light Scattering Sizer
    Arsenic, ppm Min : 0 - Max : 2 CTFA Method F 1-1, Silver
    Lead, ppm Min : 0 - Max : 10 Weak Acid Extraction AA Method
    Oil Absorption, g. / 100g. Min : 125 - Max : 140 ASTM Method D281-84
    Linseed Oil
    SiO2, % Min : 98 - Max : 100 JSCI Method
    Specific Surface Area, m2/g Min : 728 - Max : 928 Singlepoint BET

    Рекомендуемый процент ввода: 5-30%.
    цена за 1г, продается на вес

    Цена за 1г - 10.2 грн

                     5г -  49 грн

                     10г - 97 грн



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